Deposit Rates



CD Specials

91 Day CD Special$2,5003.00%
182 Day CD Special$2,5004.35%
8 Month CD Special$5004.30%
9 Month CD Special$5004.25%
1 Year CD Special$5004.10%
15 Month CD Special$5004.00%
18 Month CD Special$5004.00%
23 Month CD Special$5002.75%
2 Year CD Special$5003.50%
30 Month CD Special$5003.25%
3 Year CD Special$5003.00%
4 Year CD Special$5002.75%
5 Year CD Special$5002.75%


Jumbo CD Specials

182 Day Jumbo CD$200,0004.85%
8 Month Jumbo CD$200,0004.65%
9 Month Jumbo CD$200,0004.65%
1 Year Jumbo CD$200,0004.50%
15 Month Jumbo CD$200,0004.25%
18 Month Jumbo CD$200,0004.25%
2 Year Jumbo CD$200,0004.00%
30 Month Jumbo CD$200,0003.50%
3 Year Jumbo CD$200,0003.25%
4 Year Jumbo CD$200,0002.75%

Use this calculator to find out how much interest you can earn on a Certificate of Deposit (CD).

Minimum balance to earn Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is $500 or $2,500 for 91 and 182-day specials. We have a $200,000 minimum for our Jumbo CD Specials to earn Annual Percentage Yield (APY). A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. Rates subject to change without notice. Rates effective 04/07/2023.


Savings Rates

Next Generation Savings$1000.10%
$250,000 0.50%
Christmas Club2 $250.10%


Personal Checking Rates

Next Generation Checking$00.10%
Health Savings Account$00.25%
$25,001 1.00%
$50,001 1.25%
$75,001 1.50%


Money Market Rates

Money Market$1,000 0.12%
$10,000 0.15%
First Choice Money Market$00.15%
$10,000 0.15%
$25,000 0.20%
$75,000 0.25%
$150,000 0.35%
$250,000 0.50%

Business Checking Rates

Community First Checking$00.10%


Earnings Credit Rate0.10%


*APY refers to Annual Percentage Yield based on simple interest and assumes reinvestment of paid dividends. Fees could reduce earnings. Rates effective as of 11/22/2022 and are subject to change without notice.

2-Christmas Club- $25 minimum to open. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal

3-Rate may change after account is opened

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